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Four Colours of Vacationing with Club Mahindra

Has holiday planning becoming a difficult task? Have you booked your vacation hastily only to end up at a destination swarming with tourists? Are you looking for a splendid getaway in the company of nature, away from the everyday ordeal? Then you are just a few steps away from your dream vacation.


Club Mahindra understands the need of every vacationer, and has created different membership options. Truly, not everyone can step out for a vacation only when it’s a national holiday or when the world celebrates New Year. Club Mahindra understands this need of the members to holiday at their own convenience, without being restricted to a specific time of the year only. Accordingly, different seasons with variable Club Mahindra membership fees have been set. Club Mahindra has categorised the seasons into four colours for its members – Blue, White, Red, and Purple. If you are not one of those who always wants to holiday in peak season, you will fall in the category of Blue Colour. For example, you can head to Goa during the monsoons too. This is the off-season in Goa and there will not be many tourists around at this point of time, so you can enjoy the serene and lush green side of Goa and being a privileged member, you can make a reservation at any of the three Club Mahindra Resorts- Acacia Palms, Emerald Palms, and Varca Beach and enjoy a holiday here.

The White season demarcates the time between the peak season and the off-season. Very similar to the Blue season, members who enjoy vacationing in a quiet and peaceful manner can opt for travelling to exotic destinations in this season. This is mostly the time when tourists head back to their homes. Club Mahindra members can simply enjoy access to any of the 46 resorts across India and abroad. So whether they choose to go to a hill station or a city, they do not have to worry about any season.

Members who prefer to go on vacations as per their children’s holidays such as summer vacations, Red season is appropriate for them. This season is actually the peak season for travellers. Those who are comfortable with travelling at any time of the year but particularly around events such as New Year’s or during festivals fall under the category of Purple season. Club Mahindra welcomes its guests to all its destinations all-year round. To get an insight on the hospitality and level of service provided, you can go through the Club Mahindra reviews and know about the unique holiday experiences of the members.


Before the winters at Srinagar

For those who wish to experience the beauty of paradise on Earth, Kashmir is the ideal place to head to. Of the many beautiful places located here, Srinagar, which lies on the glistening banks of the river Jhelum, is quite renowned for its magnificence and beauty. Well-connected by air, roads, and railways, you can travel here with the mode of transport that suits you the most.


If you are one of those who would like to explore this destination before everything turns to snow, the period from April to October is the best time to visit.

While you are here, there are some exotic places that you should surely visit. Here is the list:


The beauty of Dal Lake is famed across the world and there is no doubt that you should begin your pleasant trip from here. Take a Shikara ride and soak in the mesmerising views of the Himalayas. And if you are a Club Mahindra member, availing accommodation at one of the elegant houseboats located amidst the lake is easy. With balconies facing the lake, experience the bliss of waking up to surreal views of nature every day. There is also a dining area where you can enjoy a choice of delicious meals.


The site of sunrise or the sunset here will surely leave you mesmerised. In the backdrop of the Zabarwan Mountains, the Shalimar Bagh and the Nishat Bagh are the most prominent Mughal gardens in Srinagar for you to take a stroll. A visit to the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is a must if you wish to snap-shot the beauty of multi-coloured tulips. And to make your trip memorable, get ready to shop for  local handicrafts which include Kashmiri Kaftans, papier-mache, and saffron, locally known as ‘Zaffran’ to take back home as souvenirs. Srinagar is also a foodie’s delight. Sip on a cup of refreshing ‘Kashmiri Kahwa’ or feast over the signature ‘Rogan Josh’, ‘Gushtaba’, ‘Sheermal’ and lots more.

Spend your free time here by heading to the orchards and go for apple-plucking which is a rejuvenating experience in itself. The joy of exploring Kashmir is incomplete without interacting with the locals. Converse with the locals to know about their culture and experiences in their own words. And if you have enjoyed the stay at the Club Mahindra houseboats, then don’t forget to post a few Club Mahindra reviews. We are sure that you will have lots of stories to tell.

Shop Till You Drop in Malaysia

Apart from its natural wonders and delicious cuisines, Malaysia is a buzzing destination for shopping. After countries like New York, London, and Tokyo, it is Kuala Lumpur that has been ranked as one of the top destinations in the world for shopping. With more than 120 malls across the city, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia has an eclectic blend of arcades which sell everything from batik to handicrafts and several offerings from leading luxury brands. You can also indulge in duty free shopping at competitive prices! This city is certainly South-East Asia’s retail paradise.

For families who love to travel and experience the best dining and shopping, Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is an absolute delight. The carnival includes promotional offers and is on till 31st August, 2016.

There are several exotic hotels and resorts for accommodation here.  To make your stay in Malaysia merrier than others, there is the Heritage Suites. Heritage Suites is tucked away in the scenic South Lake and offers state-of-the-art facilities for a comfortable stay. By paying reasonable Club Mahindra Membership fees as per the membership plan chosen, you can enjoy access to this fabulous place. From luxurious amenities to a lavish stay, everything about this place will simply leave you enchanted.

Shared below are few interesting places that you can’t miss on your trip to Kula Lumpur:

Bukit Baintang Street


Some of the best shopping malls of Kula Lumpur are situated in Bukit Baintang Street. This place is for those who are in search for designer brands, electronic goods, accessories or other merchandise. The highlight of this place is that the streets transform into a mall where you can wine and dine in modern cafes. Sungai Wang Plaza, Low Yat Plaza, and Times Square are some of the best places you can head to.

The Golden Triangle


This is the entertainment and shopping pad of Kuala Lumpur that comprises some of the most important streets. Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Imbi, and Jalan Sultan Ismail form the Golden Triangle. Suria KLCC and Pavilion are two of the biggest malls in the city, which offer special privilege cards for tourists who seek great discounts. Once you have gratified your retail dose, you can head for some cocktails at Petronus Tower 3 and enjoy the spectacular views.

Petaling Street Market


This is a vibrant market situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and showcases a multitude of stalls. It is also one of the best places for those who possess good bargaining skills. If you don’t wish to spend on the high-end brands, this is the perfect place to be at. Here, you can grab a copy of designer brands in belts, bags, wallets, and watches. Those who display the best bargaining skills, walk away with the most attractive deals.

Berjaya Times Square

Berjaya Times Square

This is an epic shopping mall which houses hundreds of specialty stores as well as chain stores. The mall is huge and boasts of having an indoor theme park where your kids can have all the fun while you go around shopping. For those who seek some entertainment along with shopping, Berjaya Times Square is the perfect place. Purchase your must-haves as well as souvenirs from here.

So what are you waiting for? Here is your golden opportunity to visit Malaysia while you take abode at the Heritage Suites. To know more about the awesomeness of this place, you can check the Club Mahindra Reviews on Trip advisor.

Five Places In Saputara That Will Steal Your Senses

India is a vast country with numerous havens still awaiting to be explored. Saputara is one such elusive yet magnificent hill station located in the Sahayadri Hill Range in Gujarat. It is perched on a spot, 1000 metres above the sea level, where the climate seems to be pleasant all-round the year. It is the perfect destination to seek respite from the unforgiving heat and pollution of the cities and towns.

When it comes to hill stations, Saputara is as beautiful as it gets. The winding hills, lush forests, floating clouds, gushing rivers, cascading waterfalls and tranquil lakes are truly awe-inspiring. Here’s a list of five amazing places in Saputara which will surely captivate your senses.

Saputara Lake

Boating in the serene Saputara Lake will certainly be the highlight of your trip. You can also visit the beautiful Lake garden which is situated on its banks. The garden features many exotic species of plants and trees which will be a real sight for your eyes.


Gira Waterfalls

The Gira waterfall offers the most breath-taking view in Saputara. Watch the water cascade down the rocks from a height of 30 metres into the gushing Ambica River. The best time to visit the waterfall is between June to November, where the rushing water hits the rocks to produce a fine mist.


Sunrise point – Waghai

At Saputara, you can begin your day with the mesmerising view from the Sunrise Point. The Sunrise Point is situated 1.5 Km from Waghai. It offers a lovely panoramic view of the majestic hills of Saputara. Even if you happen to miss the sunrise, you can still enjoy the splendid views during any time of the day.


Mahal Forest

The Mahal forest is one of the densest forests of Gujarat. The verdant expanse of the forest is teeming with numerous exotic species of flora and fauna. The Purna Wildlife Sanctuary and Girmal Waterfalls are some of the best places to visit in the Mahal Forest.


Hatgad Ford

The Hatgad Fort is an exotic architectural marvel, crowded by tourists and trekkers alike.  You can experience breath-taking views of the valleys from the fort.


As with any vacation, your trip will not be complete without a stay at a good resort. The Club Mahindra resort at Hatgad – Saputara, is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of this destination in a comfortable setting. The resort is popular for lavish accommodation and mouth-watering cuisines. You can get access to this place through a Club Mahindra membership. So what are you waiting for? Take up the Club Mahindra membership today and enjoy a glorious escapade in Saputara. Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews by happy members & get a glimpse of how they are enjoying their family vacations at Club Mahindra Hatgad resort with family!

Friendship Mania amplified with Club Mahindra

Friendship Day is round the corner and there is nothing better than celebrating this special day with your lovely friends. Going to movies or dinner seems to be common among many to celebrate this special day. In order to save yourself from the crowded theatres, malls, and restaurants, and make this day truly memorable, why not plan a vacation?

Searching for the destination, booking accommodation, making travel arrangements, and most importantly, getting everyone together is a task that is worth the effort. But for those who are Club Mahindra membership owners, there is something even better in store. You can take a couple of your friends on a vacation to any of the exotic resorts located at popular destinations and celebrate Friendship Day. All you need to do is simply trade your holidays in exchange for larger rooms and invite your friends to a luxury vacationing experience.

Whether you wish to go to a beach state or a hill station, there are a multitude of choices available for you. Going with friends on a vacation is a joyride in itself. It becomes even better when you take abode in any of the Club Mahindra Resorts which welcomes its members and guests alike with warm hospitality. You don’t have to look for other options outside while you stay with Club Mahindra. The resorts are beautifully located amidst natural surroundings and share close proximity to the tourist attractions. All you need to do is simply make a booking in advance.

For instance, if your chosen destination is Goa, you can stay at Club Mahindra, Varca Beach Resort. Built beautifully in Goan architecture, the resort offers suites and rooms with private balconies and stunning views.


Begin your morning by hitting the gym together. Relax along the sandy beaches, enjoy the thrilling water sports, or shop at the flea market; there is plenty to do in Goa. Come back to the resort and relish the mouth-watering Goan dishes. Sit in the lounge, share a few drinks, and catch up on all the old stories. Plan a small swimming competition at the poolside and relive the olden days. Spend a wonderful time in the company of your friends and capture every moment.


Club Mahindra Resorts promise a great time to everyone, be it a family or a group of friends. It is a space where you can create special memories with your loved ones. With Club Mahindra membership, don’t miss out on this golden chance of reuniting with your friends this Friendship’s Day. And while you are here, do write a few Club Mahindra Reviews by sitting together and sharing your memorable experience.

Explore the monsoon side of Goa with Club Mahindra Goa Resorts

Planning to go on a monsoon trip? If you have been told that visiting Goa during off-season is not exciting, then it isn’t true! In fact, this is the time when you get to skip the crowds and enjoy this lovely beach state at your own pace. Abundant in natural beauty comprising thick carpets of greenery and sandy shores, Goa lives up to its charm throughout the year. There is a lot that you can do here while the rain Gods continue to be at work.

For Club Mahindra members, the opportunity to explore Goa during monsoons is even better. With over three resorts to choose from- Varca Beach Resort, Emerald Palms Resort, and Acacia Palms Resort, members can select their preferred location. All the resorts are situated amidst scenic backdrops and boast Goan architecture.

Head to the beach from your resort and breathe in the fresh air. Stroll through the beach, watch your kids rolling in the sands, and capture the special moments in your lens. You can also plan an adventurous trek to Fort Chapora and witness the breath-taking views of the ocean from the top.

Goa Beach

Go to the famous Dudhsagar Falls, which is a must-visit during the rainy season. This is also the time when the water is in full force. Watch the cascading waterfalls shower down from a height of 301 metres.

Goa is also popular for its spice plantations. Take your children on an educational trip to the Savoi-Verem plantations which turn into green paradise during the monsoons. Show them the variety of spices grown here which include cardamom, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, pepper and many others.

Once you are done exploring the lovely places, come back to the resort to treat your taste buds in mouth-watering Goan dishes at the multi-cuisine restaurant. You can relax in your comfortable rooms or pamper yourself at the spa or laze by the swimming poolside or engage in exciting activities such as pottery making, games, and others at the resort itself.

Relax at Mahindra Club Goa

By paying Club Mahindra membership fees, you can become a member and enjoy multitude of benefits. You can also check Club Mahindra reviews for the goa resorts on TripAdvisor to know how the existing members feel about Club Mahindra resorts.

Enjoy Birdwatching and More at Binsar

Famed among the few scenic places to visit in Northern India, Binsar has truly been a nature lover’s paradise for ages. With a wildlife sanctuary as one of its major tourist hotspots, it wouldn’t be surprising to say that most people venture on a holiday out here to bask in the tranquillity as they become one with nature.

Clubbing holidays with a wildlife experience has greatly increased the number of people planning their vacations around wildlife. Binsar is one such place to head to if you wish to wake up every morning with the call of the wild and spend your days witnessing fauna in their natural habitats.

With Club Mahindra offering their guests a luxurious stay at two of their enthralling resorts that are nestled in the glorious locale of Binsar, getting the perfect wildlife adventure while on your vacation is easier than ever. From jungle safaris to a view of the lush greenery and exquisiteness that you can witness throughout your stay here, holidaying in Binsar while enjoying the company of nature has never been this fun.

For birdwatchers, spending their holidays in Binsar is sure to be blissful with the chance to wake up to birds chirping every morning and getting to see a varied species of birds everywhere you go.

Club Mahindra’s Binsar Valley– nestled atop the Kumaon hills, offers a comfortable stay to its guests. Along with well-furnished rooms to suit their preferences, you can also enjoy access to Wi-Fi, fun zone, souvenir shops, lounge, bar, and restaurants that serve food to treat your taste buds. Popular as bird watching paradise, Bird Song restaurant lets you relish lip-smacking delicacies to your heart’s content.

Another resort by Club Mahindra, Binsar Villa offers tranquillity and serenity that lets you make the most of your time here. With pine trees surrounding the resort, you are bound to see a number of birds settled atop the trees, making it the perfect haven for you. The elegantly furnished rooms, with many amenities and the Silver Oak restaurant are sure to make your stay all the more pleasant.

Along with a comfortable stay at the resort, you can also enjoy a scenic trail at the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Binsar Hill, and Chaukori. You can also indulge in adventure activities, trekking, nature walks, and outdoor and indoor games with your families at the resort. By checking out the Club Mahindra membership details on the website, you can make the most of your next vacation at Binsar to explore what Mother Nature has in store for you.

Boat Racing and Kerala

The land of backwaters, Kerala has been known to be the home for various water sports. Boat races are one of the most popular water sports here. Amidst the backwaters dotted by swaying palm trees, the massive boats are rowed by hundreds of people. The boat races are organised by a number of religious and social organisations. The boat races held in Kerala are also the largest team sports in the world. People from different districts participate in the races which are held annually. Visit Kerala during the festive season such as Onam to enjoy the grand races. The races take places at different places in the state.

Every boat race has its own story of inception along with mythology and various tales. If you go by the historical sources, these races were held to settle disputes between chiefs and kings. The snake boat races date back to four hundred years and were used as a means to fight wars by Kuttanadu Kings. The races are titles as Snake Boat Races owing to the atypical canoe shape of the boat.

Here are some of the most popular boat races in Kerala:

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

This race is held in the memory of former Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Number of tourists and locals visit the Punnamada Lake in Alleppey to view the race. It takes place in the second week of August. This year it will be held on 13th August.

Champakkulam Moolam Boat Race

This race marks the religious day when the idol of Krishna was mounted in the Krishna temple in the Ambalapuzzha region. Before the onset of the race, group of artists perform in colourful boats in honour of Lord Krishna. Champakkulam is one of the oldest Boat Races in Kerala. This year, the race was held at the Champakkulam Lake on 20th June, 2016.

Aranmula Vallamkali Boat Race

The race is held during the Onam festival with around 26 boats which grace the waters. The boats are decorated beautifully in silk cloths to mark the occasion. Tourists from within the country as well as outside come to witness the races. The race is will be held at the Pampa River on 18th September, 2016.

While you enjoy the boat races, staying at the Club Mahindra Resort is the best choice you can make. The Club Mahindra Group has a number of resorts spread across in Kerala in the most stunning locations. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the resorts will indeed make your stay a comforting one. To know about the comforts these place has to offer, scour through the numerous Club Mahindra reviews and believe it for yourself. We are pretty sure that you will be surprised by the experiences of the tourists who stayed here.

Plan A Mini-Vacation This Independence Day

Planning for long holidays but not finding the right time? It’s okay, you can always plan a small one to recharge your spirits. As far as you are stepping out of home, even if it’s for a short while, it can be celebrated as a vacation. You don’t need to travel long miles to go on a break, the destination can be close by or even one of those which is just a couple of hours away. So before it’s independence day and you end up going anywhere, here are a few places that you can head to for that mini-vacation. With Club Mahindra Resorts, you have the option of going anywhere across the country or even outside it.


This little hill station is sure to offer you that much needed break. All the rooms are well-appointed and promise stunning mountain views. Walk around the property to breathe in the fresh air or head to the open air restaurant to feast on some delicious food. You can also go on a short hike and explore the mountain trails. Enjoy an invigorating cup of coffee and soak in all the peace that exists here.


There is nothing better than the beaches and pleasant breeze to feed your soul. Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort is beautifully designed in Goan architecture. Every room is equipped with all the modern amenities and beautiful views. Revitalise your senses at the Svaastha spa or laze by the poolside; there is plenty of leisure choices in the store for you. The adventure enthusiasts can enjoy lots of water sports at any of the beaches here. You can check the numerous Club Mahindra reviews to know about the beauty of this place.


Spread over 8 acres of forest, Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar is offers a perfect retreat to its guests. The rooms are tastefully done to provide you with all the comforts. Titillate your taste buds at ‘Saddle Back’ which overlooks the gorgeous valley. Choose over a-la-carte or buffet and relish on the dishes made from local produce. Rejuvenated your senses at the spa or take a dip in the pool with Jacuzzi. Don’t forget to go strawberry plucking at the Mapro Farms.


Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is designed in Rajputana architecture. The rooms will transport you back to an era of royalty. Enjoy a meal at the Gazebo which is an open-air restaurant. Head to the Kumbhalgarh Fort which is a World Heritage Site which is historically inspiring. Go trekking or take a Jungle Safari to the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.  Come back to the resort and rejuvenate your senses at the spa or by taking a dip into the lavish pool.

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