Club Mahindra: Best Option for Travel Enthusiasts

If you are searching for the best way to travel, then you cannot overlook the amazing travel options provided by the Club Mahindra memberships. You can become a member in no time and nothing will be best for you if travelling is more than an experience for you.

Vacations are for people who want to relax and get rid of the everyday turmoil even if it is for a few days. Club Mahindra memberships offer just the same amount of features be it luxury, food or any other exciting plans you had for your vacation.

The new affection for Club Mahindra Memberships

In recent times, people have started connecting with Club Mahindra memberships even more. When you plan a vacation you have to manage everything on your own, the expenses to reach the destination, accommodation, food and everything else.

 But, here at the Club Mahindra resorts, we provide our customers with a full package. Customers pay us once and leave the rest to us. Club Mahindra is believed to be the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry. We owe all this to our satisfied customers and the Club Mahindra membership reviews.

Club Mahindra membership lasts for 25 years

Well, if you are interested in becoming a Club Mahindra member, there’s more to the story. The Club Mahindra membership lasts for 25 years with added benefits. Every year seven nights and eight days vacation is fixed under the package which comes for 6 lakh rupees. Along with value-added services the Club Mahindra membership will cost 12.5 lakh rupees for 25 years. For the record, you are saving 34% approximately for 25 years straight.

A lot of options available

The Club Mahindra membership offers stays at over 60+ Club Mahindra resorts in India and abroad. The best cities across the globe are included where Club Mahindra resorts are located. This is the best way to experience the culture of the place you are visiting and  the luxurious stay provided by the Club Mahindra resorts

Travel guide for the getaways

We all experienced 2020, so we all know the value of stepping out of our houses now. The travel restrictions were strict and it was very difficult for travel enthusiasts to stay put. In 2021, as the travel restrictions have somewhat been lifted people are planning getaways just to leave the nightmares of the past year behind.

Club Mahindra resorts are best for planning instant getaways and that is why the occupancy of the Club Mahindra resorts has increased after the travel restrictions were lifted.

Sanitized Staycations

There is no better feeling than knowing that you are safe and sound in an environment. Pandemic crippled the travel industry but Club Mahindra has found the perfect solution for dealing with the pandemic. The service at Club Mahindra resorts have turned contactless effortlessly and it is the part about travelling amidst the pandemic.

Club Mahindra teamed up with Bureau Veritas which ensured that all the sanitization work goes on without interruption.

The taste you won’t ever forget

The food served at the Club Mahindra resorts is one of the attraction points for the customers. The fine dining experience and a wide variety of cuisines is a dream for a palate. Many food bloggers and travellers have given out their precious Club Mahindra resort reviews. They have appreciated the best services and food provided at the Club Mahindra resorts.

The most famous are the kebabs of Barbeque Bay. If you are a new customer and haven’t tried these delicious kebabs, please do. The Barbeque Bay is a fine dining restaurant under the Club Mahindra resort at Coorg. The lucknowi shami kebabs will make your mouth water and they go best with soft rumali rotis. The smokey flavour and texture are to die for.

In the End

All these amazing vacation experiences can be gained by paying a Club Mahindra membership fee. How to become a member you say? It is very easy, you can visit the club Mahindra website which is easily accessible at all times. You can click on the link to join the club and unravel a whole new world of travel and luxurious experiences.

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