Visiting Europe in winter is mesmerizing. And if you plan to make your Europe trip memorable and fun, then ditch the usual’s like Paris or Switzerland and this time visit Finland! Be it adventure, fun, or simply the company of nature, this place will surely please you with its soothing weather and surreal landscapes that are an absolute visual treat for anyone who visits this stunning country. Every country has its own specialities in terms of food and things to do. In Finland, the best of all is squeezed in its winter activities that are sure to give you an adrenaline rush. The combination of beauty and thrill is undoubtedly a great one!

Here are some of the most exciting winter activities that you can do while in Finland:

Northern Lights


Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights are synonymous with Finland. This is one of the biggest reasons why people from across the world travel to Finland. These lights are a creation of the electrically charged particles by the sun which ionize with gases such as nitrogen and oxygen. The result is different hues of colours against the white snow and dazzling stars. Behold this beauty from a glass igloo or simply when you are outside.



Finding a snow-mobile in Finland is very easy. Many people use it for commute, but adventurists use it for wading through the snow-packed mountain slopes for fun. While you take a ride on the snow-mobile, enjoy the spectacular views of the paradisiacal place with the backdrop of snow blanket. The handles of snowmobiles are self-warming so you don’t need to worry about the cold weather.

Ice Fishing


Ever done fishing in a frozen lake? Finland is the place where you can do ice fishing without the need of a license. The two most common fishes that are found here are Perch and Pike. It is one of those activities which is done quietly unlike the other kind of activities. Fishing is certainly a very unique experience amidst a very tranquil environment and you will absolutely love it.



Winters in Finland last long, they begin in November and lasts till the month of May. Thus, the slopes are covered with snow for a long time, making it ideal for cross-country skiing. Lapland and Syote are the two places which are very popular for skiing. There are also a number of ski resorts that you can head to for this thrilling experience. Slide through heaps of snow and enjoy downhill skiing in Finland. You are bound to have a fun-filled time there!

You can access all this and more by paying a nominal Club Mahindra membership fees, which will give you access four resorts which include Katinkulta, Saariselka, Saikaa, and Kuusamon Tropiiki. Not only will you have all the luxury and comfort, and a chance to visit the Angry Bird Activity Park built inside the resort, which’ll keep your little one’s engaged.