The busy schedules of our everyday life do not spare us the time to connect with our family members. While weekends are always in the rush to go, seldom do we get a chance to enjoy holidays in a row. And then when we come across a long weekend in the calendar, our hearts do crave for the much needed vacation that will give us time to rejoice with the family.

Club Mahindra understands the busy nature of your schedules, and the need to vacation and recharge your batteries. With Club Mahindra Membership, you get a chance to vacation with your family at any of the 46 exotic resorts in India and abroad, and make some happy memories. Some of the exotic Club Mahindra Resorts are located in God’s own country – Kerala. Here are a few places in Kerala where you can head for a perfect family vacation with Club Mahindra.



Soak in the bliss of lush greenery dotted around the lake that is branched out in 8 directions, Ashtamudi surprises all with its natural enchanter. With several huts and cottages nestled around the banks of Lake Vembanad to offer accommodation, Club Mahindra Ashtamudi Should be your ideal choice of vacation partner. But if you are comfortable with missing the lavish amenities, comfy rooms, and premium hospitality, then you can go ahead and choose any of the lake side cottages.



Taking a boat ride around the backwaters is certainly an experience that is worth treasuring. Who would afford to miss a piece of paradise blessed with the serene beauty of back waters, lush greenery, and abundant bio-diversity. With birds chirping, flowers blooming, and stress making a smooth exit from your mind and body, a stay at Club Mahindra Kumarakom resort will surely guarantee you the perfect leisure holiday with your close ones.



Picturesque sunsets, golden sands, and fresh coconut water to sip; how else would you picture the tropics? At Cherai, take a walk along the sandy beaches or engage in outdoor games with your family members to capture some picture perfect memories on your DSLR. And when you are tired with all the fun and adventure, retreat back to the regal accommodation at Club Mahindra Cherai Beach resort and while away the evening talking with your family members.

These are three prime destinations in Kerala that you should surely visit to revive the bond with your family. Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews by happy members & get a glimpse of how they are enjoying their vacation at different Club Mahindra Kerala resorts with family.