Of the things that Munnar is renowned for, Tea seems to be one of the best. There are more than 50 Tea Estates at this magical destination.

If you love tea a lot, then Munnar is the right place to head to. The entire process of plucking out tea leaves, drying them and oxidising them is very interesting to watch. With so many varieties of tea, the processing method for each varies. Grown on the undulated terrains, the tea plantations in Munnar appear like a thick green sheet covering the mountains.

Teas to try at Munnar

While you are at Munnar, here are a few varieties of tea that you should taste:

Typical Munnar Tea

A typical tea of Munnar produces a somewhat golden yellow colour with a refreshing aroma. The tea is medium toned and leaves a fruity tinge after every sip. The fragrance is similar to that of a sweet biscuit dipped in malt.

Black Tea

This is a peculiar type of tea available in Munnar. The leaves as well as the brewed tea is dark in colour such that it seems to be oxidized. Black tea usually contains more amount of caffeine as compared to other teas and gives a strong flavour.

White Tea

Wondering whether white tea is white? Well it’s not. This type of tea is produced from leaves that are left to wither. These wilted leaves are dried and processed. White tea has a delicate and subtle aroma. It has less caffeine and is not as finely processed as Green Tea.

Green Tea

This tea is processed and its oxidisation is halted by steaming, baking, or pan-firing. The process preserves Vitamin C in the leaves, thereby making it healthy.

Apart from these, there are a variety of teas available. Visit the famous Tea Museum which is situated in the Idukki district of Kerala and get acquainted with the variety of teas.

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