Has holiday planning becoming a difficult task? Have you booked your vacation hastily only to end up at a destination swarming with tourists? Are you looking for a splendid getaway in the company of nature, away from the everyday ordeal? Then you are just a few steps away from your dream vacation.


Club Mahindra understands the need of every vacationer, and has created different membership options. Truly, not everyone can step out for a vacation only when it’s a national holiday or when the world celebrates New Year. Club Mahindra understands this need of the members to holiday at their own convenience, without being restricted to a specific time of the year only. Accordingly, different seasons with variable Club Mahindra membership fees have been set. Club Mahindra has categorised the seasons into four colours for its members – Blue, White, Red, and Purple. If you are not one of those who always wants to holiday in peak season, you will fall in the category of Blue Colour. For example, you can head to Goa during the monsoons too. This is the off-season in Goa and there will not be many tourists around at this point of time, so you can enjoy the serene and lush green side of Goa and being a privileged member, you can make a reservation at any of the three Club Mahindra Resorts- Acacia Palms, Emerald Palms, and Varca Beach and enjoy a holiday here.

The White season demarcates the time between the peak season and the off-season. Very similar to the Blue season, members who enjoy vacationing in a quiet and peaceful manner can opt for travelling to exotic destinations in this season. This is mostly the time when tourists head back to their homes. Club Mahindra members can simply enjoy access to any of the 46 resorts across India and abroad. So whether they choose to go to a hill station or a city, they do not have to worry about any season.

Members who prefer to go on vacations as per their children’s holidays such as summer vacations, Red season is appropriate for them. This season is actually the peak season for travellers. Those who are comfortable with travelling at any time of the year but particularly around events such as New Year’s or during festivals fall under the category of Purple season. Club Mahindra welcomes its guests to all its destinations all-year round. To get an insight on the hospitality and level of service provided, you can go through the Club Mahindra reviews and know about the unique holiday experiences of the members.