Famed among the few scenic places to visit in Northern India, Binsar has truly been a nature lover’s paradise for ages. With a wildlife sanctuary as one of its major tourist hotspots, it wouldn’t be surprising to say that most people venture on a holiday out here to bask in the tranquillity as they become one with nature.

Clubbing holidays with a wildlife experience has greatly increased the number of people planning their vacations around wildlife. Binsar is one such place to head to if you wish to wake up every morning with the call of the wild and spend your days witnessing fauna in their natural habitats.

With Club Mahindra offering their guests a luxurious stay at two of their enthralling resorts that are nestled in the glorious locale of Binsar, getting the perfect wildlife adventure while on your vacation is easier than ever. From jungle safaris to a view of the lush greenery and exquisiteness that you can witness throughout your stay here, holidaying in Binsar while enjoying the company of nature has never been this fun.

For birdwatchers, spending their holidays in Binsar is sure to be blissful with the chance to wake up to birds chirping every morning and getting to see a varied species of birds everywhere you go.

Club Mahindra’s Binsar Valley– nestled atop the Kumaon hills, offers a comfortable stay to its guests. Along with well-furnished rooms to suit their preferences, you can also enjoy access to Wi-Fi, fun zone, souvenir shops, lounge, bar, and restaurants that serve food to treat your taste buds. Popular as bird watching paradise, Bird Song restaurant lets you relish lip-smacking delicacies to your heart’s content.

Another resort by Club Mahindra, Binsar Villa offers tranquillity and serenity that lets you make the most of your time here. With pine trees surrounding the resort, you are bound to see a number of birds settled atop the trees, making it the perfect haven for you. The elegantly furnished rooms, with many amenities and the Silver Oak restaurant are sure to make your stay all the more pleasant.

Along with a comfortable stay at the resort, you can also enjoy a scenic trail at the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Binsar Hill, and Chaukori. You can also indulge in adventure activities, trekking, nature walks, and outdoor and indoor games with your families at the resort. By checking out the Club Mahindra membership details on the website, you can make the most of your next vacation at Binsar to explore what Mother Nature has in store for you.