A festival of joy and brightness, Diwali brings happiness and prosperity in the lives of all. Sending good wishes to families, and spending the holidays with your loved ones, indeed, makes it a memorable time for everyone. With illuminated homes and streets that add brightness to our lives, Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur all over India.

While celebrating staying home or visiting relatives is the usual norm during Diwali, there are some places you just ought to visit during this festival. Adding to the charm of the festivities, these places are bound to make you spellbound with the beauty and allure they hold when illuminated with happiness and exhilaration. Club Mahindra offer you the opportunity to visit some of these breath-taking places to enjoy a memorable holiday. Some of these exciting places are mentioned below:


The royal city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, known for its historically rich heritage and tranquil beauty, is one of the most striking cities to visit during Diwali, where the lights illuminate the lakes with their brightness, adding to the charm of the city. Visiting the breath-taking monuments, the serene lakes, and the palaces in Udaipur during Diwali is bound to make your holidays special. With a luxurious stay at Club Mahindra Udaipur that adds to the festive bliss, you can be sure to have the most amazing Diwali with Club Mahindra.


One of the most exciting places in India, Goa offers more than just beaches and alcohol. Diwali is celebrated here with as must gusto as carnivals and Christmases. With the slaying of the Narakasura demon being celebrated a day prior to Diwali, the locals hold competitions to make the biggest effigies of the demon which are then set ablaze at the dawn of the day that Diwali is celebrated. Making the most of your stay at any of the Club Mahindra resorts in order to see the festivities, and the way Diwali is celebrated in Goa, is a must for anyone who loves Diwali.


One of the best places to visit if you want to have some quiet throughout the year, Ganapatipule is the exact opposite during prominent festival like Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. With bursting crackers and illuminated streets and houses, one can see the enthusiasm of the locals as well as those visiting while celebrating the festival. Club Mahindra Ganapatipule offers the best accommodations for the duration of your stay here as you bask in the joy of the festivities.

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