The idea of going away on a vacation is one that can get anybody cheery, regardless of their age, profession or temperament. However, at a time when every tour operator and travel firm strives to differentiate itself from its competitors, how do patrons know whether a particular agency can offer them something that no one else does?

In this regard, it can be rightly said that travellers who place their faith in Club Mahindra indeed have access to features that are exclusive and inimitable anywhere else. So here are some of the 5 things to get busy with at your discretion, every time you check into a Club Mahindra resort!

Wonderful Workshops

Be it the prospect of learning how to strum a guitar or even baking your own pottery, the variety of periodic workshops conducted are a staple characteristic of several Club Mahindra resorts. For those tourists who are not too keen on sightseeing and prefer a homely stay within the confines of the property, Club Mahindra’s feedback on this is a testament to the success of these sessions. Held by experts who are an in-house part of Club Mahindra, they provide the perfect environment for interactive learning and meeting like-minded people!

Lose yourself in the Virtual World

With an enviable Audio-Visual room that is stocked to the brim with a projector & a great collection of movies and console video games, the child inside of you will yearn to spend more time inside than outside! Unwind to the fullest by letting out your boredom in the Virtual World, a space designed keeping in mind the best of entertainment to keep you engrossed whenever you stay in!

virtual world

Indulge in the night-time programmes

It always brightens one’s smile to know that at the end of a tiring day of sightseeing there is relaxation that one can enjoy sans much physical exertion. This is most evident in Club Mahindra’s exclusively conducted programmes for its members each night at the resorts. The events range from ethnic performances to sing-alongs and even karaoke wherein each member can put those vocal cords to the test. With Club Mahindra reviews raving about this feature for several properties, one has every reason to let their hair down here!

Outdoor Camping

The outdoorsy do not always prefer the confines of a four-walled suite. And this is addressed with perhaps the most hands-on experience besides sightseeing; camping right out in the open. Break open those trekking shoes, set up the tent, sing along to the crackling bonfires and live the bohemian life, giving you the best returns on those Club Mahindra membership fees!


Adventure activities

With rappelling, zorbing, cycling, rock-climbing, kayaking and even bird-watching being a few of the many activities one can pursue in the immediate radius of each Club Mahindra resort, the adventurer in you is only a check-in away from spending hours in a rush of adrenaline and exploring the unknown! Read through these Club Mahindra reviews by happy members & get a glimpse of why they love vacationing at Club Mahindra resorts with family!

So walk in today and let the good times roll!