Providing the perfect holiday for you and your family, Club Mahindra has been transmuting dreams into reality with the amazing holidays that the members spend here. From a comfortable stay to sumptuous food served, one can have an all-round benefit of vacationing with Club Mahindra. The activities and workshops provided by Club Mahindra for their guests make it an even better holiday destination, adding a healthy mix of fun-filled activities to vacation.

Apart from offering spacious rooms and an efficient and hospitable staff, you can also find various workshops offered that help you spend your time well. From activities such as playing sports, dancing, pottery, adventure activities that allow you to go trekking and camping, kids’ club, and special entertainment planned for the guests, you can be sure to make every moment of your holiday a memorable one with all the fun activities planned for you. Some of the activities and workshops offered at Club Mahindra are mentioned below.


Club Mahindra provides sports equipment to its members where you can play cricket, golf, badminton, and football with your family and friends by borrowing the equipment from the hotel. The staff can also join you if you need extra players to even up your team. You can make your own plans for the day by playing for some part of the day and sightseeing for the other part.

Evening entertainment

Your evenings at Club Mahindra can never be boring with all the things the staff plans for you. From various games and music shows like karaoke to talent shows and ethnic performances, you can enjoy it all while meeting new people and making new acquaintances. By socialising with other guests you can also learn more about different cultures and places to visit that you may have missed out on.

Kid’s Club

The kid’s club at Club Mahindra allows children to make new friends and keeps them occupied while you unwind and relax. The FunRovers make sure your children are entertained and also chalk out various games and activities for the children, which lets them have fun along with being safe.


Club Mahindra holds workshop for everyone, from toddler to adults, to learn new things and gain new hobbies. You can learn pottery, cooking, and also how to make puppets and put on a puppet show at the workshops held. Along with being fun, you can also learn a lot here by attending these workshops.

Adventure Activities

While staying at Club Mahindra, you can also have the adventure of your lie by going on the adventure activities held by the resort. Club Mahindra offers activities like rappelling and other water sports, trekking, camping, nature trails, and a lot more.

You can find more about the activities offered by Club Mahindra by checking out Club Mahindra reviews and feedback by members.