Renowned as “the Golden City” due to the yellow sandstone that was used to build almost every monument, the city of Jaisalmer has been a tourist attraction for years. Being a World Heritage Site, the city sees hundreds of tourists every year who come to check out the culturally rich state of Rajasthan. The breath-taking landscapes, the cultural monuments, and the royal heritage lure you into the depths of overwhelming bliss. The beautiful city was named after a Rajput King Maharawal Jaisal Singh, who founded this city in the year 1156 AD, with the name “Jaisalmer” literally meaning “the Hill Fort of Jaisal”.

Ensconced in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer has a lot to offer, be it the heritage sights, the splendid vistas, and the hospitality of the natives. Club Mahindra, with their many ventures, give you an opportunity to discover the beauty of this land. The Club Mahindra resort at Jaisalmer provides a memorable stay to its members with the impeccable hospitality the staff offer and the beautiful views the resort offers.


Club Mahindra Jaisalmer offers comfortable rooms with all facilities you would require. The well-equipped and beautifully furnished rooms make for an ideal room that portrays the culture of the land. You can also avail the Wi-Fi facility, which would keep you in touch with the outside world while you are at this delightful haven.

The resort not only provides restful rooms but also serves sumptuous meals that appeal to your taste buds. The flavoursome food that is prepared here is akin to the meals prepared by natives, all of this is sure to give you an opportunity to treat your palate to the cuisines that are characteristic to the land of kings. The ethnicity and culture of the land can also be glimpsed through the entertainment provided for guests in the evening at Club Mahindra. The resort holds various games for the guests along with karaoke, music, and talent shows that will let you mingle with the other guests, allowing you to meet new people. The ethnic performances made by the natives give you a glimpse of the culture of the land, the apparels worn by the natives, and the melodies that are distinctive to this land.

Children can make the most of their time here with the various activities that the resort arranges for them. Club Mahindra provides workshops and creative corners for children that keeps the occupied by learning new and interesting things. This also gives them a brilliant opportunity to interact with other kids and make new friends. Parents too can join their children in making craft items, painting, and other interesting activities that are in store. The resort also provides sports equipment that you can use to play with family and friends.

With the amazing stay that Club Mahindra offers and all the attractive places to visit, vacationing in Jaisalmer is certainly an opportunity not to be missed.

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