Rajasthan, in the literal sense “the land of kings”, is a terrain of magnificent fortresses, mountains and desert landscapes. The culture of this land along with its heritage is unique in its own way. The land of the royals, Rajasthan is more than the barren desert land it is made out to be. It is home to few of the most captivating palaces that have been gracing the land since decades. This exotic place enchants our senses in a way that is unparalleled.

The land of the royals does justice to its name by being every bit as majestic as it ought to be. The rich and vibrant culture of this place makes it an interesting place to visit. Royalty drips from every sight of these beautiful architectures that are a part of this glorious haven. With a history of bravery and honor, Rajasthan has rapidly become one of the most visited tourist spots of the country. Their cuisine, like their culture, is full of flavor and variety that appeals to your taste buds. Club Mahindra offers its members opportunities to experience the ambience of this charming state at their resorts in some of the most prominent cities of Rajasthan. Club Mahindra membership fees are reasonable, and you can promise yourself a confirmed vacation each year with them.

Club Mahindra Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

Club Mahindra Nawalgarh, situated approximately 156 kilometers away from Jaipur airport, is surrounded by farmlands and greenery. Club Mahindra Nawalgarh offers a splendidly pleasant stay in their abode. With tasteful furnishings and scenic surroundings, the atmosphere makes for an ambience of serenity. The walls of the rooms are adorned with masterful paintings that give it an oriental touch. Relaxing beside the outdoor pool can be a welcome thought to calm and rejuvenate oneself. The pool also gives the place a surreal feel at night. The Podar haveli museum, Aath haveli and the Morarka haveli are places you can visit while you take abode at the royal Club Mahindra Nawalgarh.

Club Mahindra Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


Located 14 kilometers away from the station, Club Mahindra Jaisalmer is an enthralling place to stay in. Club Mahindra Jaisalmer offers a desert safari ride for its members who love outdoor activities. An outdoor pool, a library, and a fun zone, are a few of the facilities prepared to keep the members occupied while indoors. The Jaisalmer fort and the Akali fossil park are some of the famous tourist attractions near the hotel. The food served at the resort is authentic and delicious.

Club Mahindra Udaipur, Rajasthan


Club Mahindra Udaipur is located in the city of lakes, and has the most amazing views all around. The architecture of the place is beautifully sculptured, and gives a sense of surrealism to anyone stepping inside this place. Club Mahindra Udaipur has a perfect blend of royalty and heritage, making us reminisce the stories we know of the great and mighty warriors that once reigned over this kingdom. Multi-cuisine delicacies are available at the restaurant to gratify your palette. The Fateh Sagar Lake, Lake Pichola, the City Palace, Gulab Bagh and the popular Zoo are a few tourist attractions in Udaipur that can be visited during your stay at Club Mahindra Udaipur.

Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan


Inspired by the Rajput era, the architecture of Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is grand and luxurious. It spans over a large terrain and is elegantly constructed. The resort has 46 beautifully furnished rooms, which are spacious. The resort also has an open air gazebo restaurant, which can be enjoyed between the designated timings. There are souvenir shops available where you can purchase something that would remind you of the pleasant stay at this place. There are fun zones to while away your time, spas to relax your body and mind, and activities for children as well.