Each Club Mahindra resort is unique in its own way, bringing forth the cultural flavours in small ways. To provide you with an abundantly fulfilling experience, every resort is designed to offer you with several unparalleled recreation activities and workshops, which differ according to the location of the resorts. Let us take you through a tour of Club Mahindra’s unique resort offerings.

1. Nawalgarh

The beautiful architectural wonders of Rajasthan emerge at Nawalgarh. The Rajput and European architecture are a treat to your eyes.

A) Must-see destinations

The Nawalgarh resort offers you a variety of tourist destinations such as Podar Haveli Museum, Morarka Haveli Museum, Goynka Heveli Museum, and Mandawa Fort.

B) Speciality Dishes

The cuisines here mainly comprise the quintessential Rajasthani dishes like Dal Bati Churma, Lal Maas, Methi Murg, Gatta Curry, and Lauki Ka Halwa

C) Events

The resort hosts events including the usual fun-fare and family musical activities along with folk dance and Bollywood.

D) Workshops

You can indulge yourselves in workshops such as Pottery making, Tile Art, Tera Art, Sand Art

E) Outdoor activities

The resort arranges outdoor activities such as camel and horse riding sessions, mehndi session, and market tour.

2. Gangtok

You can experience the real beauty of Sikkim once you visit Club Mahindra Gangtok. Gangtok provides you with a stunning view of the Chola Range and the lush green valleys. The resort gives you a perfect blend of old world charm and modernity.

A) Must-see Destinations

You can feast your eyes to places such as Nathula Pass, Tsongo lake, Yewak Ride, Rumtek Monastery, and Charm Dham.

B) Speciality Dishes

Feast yourself to some hot steaming momos during your stay at the Gangtok resort.

C) Workshops

The resort provides weekly demonstration/classes on how to make steamed momos.

D) Outdoor activities

The resort organises outdoor activities like bonfire with live guitar sessions and morning treks to the Himalayan Mountains.

3. Binsar

A verdant heaven awaits visitors at Club Mahindra Binsar Villa. Cuddled inside the thick woods of Binsar, one can encounter a unique occasion in Australian log-cabins which are a window to the arguably the most amazing scenery. This one-of-a-kind resort and its surroundings will promise you of a memorable time.

A) Must see destinations

Binsar is a paradise for people who love sight-seeing. You can resign yourself to the wonders of nature such as Binsar Sanctuary, Jageshwar Dham, Bell Temple, Bageshwar Baijnath Kausani, Ranikhet and Patal Buvaneshwar

B) Speciality Dishes

Relish your taste buds with dishes like Kumaoni Thali, Madua ki Roti, Jhingur ka Bhatt, Lal Bhat and Palak ka Kapa.

C) Outdoor activities

The resort organizes myriads of fun and outdoor activities for its members such as small outdoor picnics, DJ nights, soft and hard treks, village and river tours, bonfire night and overnight camping.

We hope this helps you make the most of your stay at Club Mahindra, the next time you plan a visit. Follow this series as we keep you updated on various other activities and cuisines exculsively offered by a variety of other Club Mahindra resorts.