Planning your summer and winter holidays are always crucial for a family. During summer, your family wants to spend more time in colder regions and in winter you wish to go to warmer places. With Club Mahindra, we understand the needs of you and your family and make sure you get the best out of both the seasons. Club Mahindra gives you the liberty to divide your yearly 7 day package plan the way you wish. You can spend 3 days of summer in a hill station resort and during winter you can opt for a warm and cosy location and utilise your remaining four days.

Let us take you through a tour of one of the best resort by Club Mahindra to visit during summer:

Club Mahindra Manali Resort:

Manali has always been a dream destination of every Indian belonging to tropical cities in India. The grand mountains and rich meadows will surely mesmerize your senses. The spacious resort is tucked inside the heart of rosy apple orchards. The resort provides guests with breath-taking sights of the hillsides blended with occasional herd and copious fields. It is a perfect destination for guests to have a laidback holiday.

Whilst your stay at Club Mahindra, you can keep yourself engaged with plethora of indoor and outdoor activities. The activities are designed keeping the entire family in mind.

Indoor activities in Club Mahindra Manali resort includes:

Workshops: Explore a new passion or relive the old one. Have unlimited fun while learning to cook exquisites cuisines from the resort chefs. Test your precision while baking your own pots and put your acts to play as you make your puppets and put it out on a show.

Virtual World: You and your kids can enter into a world full of adrenaline and excitement. Race at over 200mph or experience the thrill of flying a jet plane.

Sports: Indulge in sports like cricket, golf, badminton and football. Add more completion by asking the FunRovers to join in.

Creative Corner: Witness a new level of creativity unfolding right before your eyes as you lay your hands on the craft kits and hobby kits. Master your skill of painting with your kids and take your best artwork back home with you.

At Manali you can also go on a tour of the Rohtang pass where it covers places like Nehru Khund, Kothi, Gulaba Camp, Rahla Fall, Rani Nala and Rohtang Pass. You can also indulge in adventure activities like Skiing, Paragliding, Snow Scooter and ATV.

Moving on to winter, we suggest you move towards southern India and accommodate yourself at the Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort.

Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort

What welcomes you at the Cherai resort is the beautiful landscape flavoured with palms and tropical plants. The place is snuck between Cherai beach and a lagoon which offers you some of the most scenic views. The resort is a magical place for people who love sight-seeing and wanting to spend a memorable time.

Club Mahindra Cherai beach resort offers the same indoor activities as the Manali Resort but the outdoor activities are perfect for the winter time. Some of the must visit places in Cherai are mentioned below:

1. Cherai Beach

2. The Backwaters

The delightful Backwaters of Cherai are pleasant combination of lakes, lagoons and canals. You can see the day unfold alongside the waters of the Periyar River and the overhanging trees. You can witness the art of choir making and see large boats being built entirely from wood.

3. Paddy fields around Cherai

These green fields are cultivated below sea level around a charming pastoral environment.  The waterlogged fields tend to majorly grow rice and the paddy fields are used to farm prawns. The exotic flora and fauna found around the paddy fields allows you to encounter butterflies and varieties of birds and fishes.