With the help of a unique vacation ownership model, Club Mahindra has been offering holidaymakers a one-of-a-kind way to explore India and the world. Pre-purchase your holidays for the next 25 years and avail of flexibility in location, room and the number of vacations you take in a year. With access to thousands of resorts across the world; families are able to make some wonderful memories with a Club Mahindra membership.
The Club Mahindra membership fees structure essentially depends on the type of apartment you would prefer and the time of the year your family tends to travel the most.
Membership based on Apartment Type
Go through Club Mahindra reviews and you will find that they offer memberships based on three apartment types;
– Studio
– One Bedroom
– Two Bedroom
Families are able to select one that works best for their needs depending on various parameters such as the size of the family; the number of people you usually travel with and the extent of privacy you prefer.
The studio apartments for instance are the smallest in size and can easily accommodate two kids less than 12 years of age in a spacious sofa cum bed. These apartments offer best privacy for a couple with no children.
On the other hand, the one bedroom apartment is larger than a studio and rather comfortable for 4 adults; or 2 adults with two kids. These apartments offer a sofa cum bed in a separate living room, providing enhanced privacy.
Finally the two bedroom apartment can accommodate 6 adults and offer significant privacy for two couples. This apartment is ideal for larger families travelling together.
Membership Based on Season
Another common feature that you will come across in Club Mahindra feedback is memberships based on seasons. Holidaymakers are able to match their holiday patterns with a number of color coded seasons. For instance, the Purple Season is for those who wish to acquire the option of travelling during any time of the year but also specifically prefer planning holidays around festivals, special events such as New Year’s Eve and national holidays.
The red season is for vacationers that prefer taking trips during the peak seasons such as college and school vacations and weeks around major festivals. For those that travel during seasons that aren’t really considered peak but rather the “Shoulder Season” before and after the off period may consider signing up for the White option. This is the time when regular tourists are back to work and there is a sense of peace at most destinations. Finally, the blue season is ideal for those looking for unconventional travel experiences during off seasons.
Depending on your personal needs and the annual plans of your family, you could sign up for the perfect membership package and start traveling across the globe with Club Mahindra Resorts and Holidays .!