The grind of daily work, a multitude of errands to take care of and then squeezing in some ‘me time’ leaves you with little or no time to spend with your family. What’s more, it takes a toll you. How do you break free from this for some time? With a vacation of course!

Vacations are when you break away from the monotony of your daily routine to relax and unwind and leave behind all the stress that you’ve been so used to. It’s also the perfect time to bond and create magical moments with family members. You leave behind the stress of your mundane routine, spend more time with your kids, visit new places and indulge in activities that you otherwise wouldn’t have. As they say, the happiest photo albums are the ones involving vacations.

Vacation Ownership

Holidays with your family are amazing moments. The joy on children’s faces, spending time with your loved ones in a beautiful place and the magical moments that come with many activities that you do all form the fabric of memories that last forever. With vacation ownership, you get the chance to experience this for a long time. So what exactly is vacation ownership?

Advantages of vacation ownership

Numerous interpretations of the vacation ownership model exist around the world. In India, Club Mahindra offers you 7 nights 8 days of holidays every year for 25 years. What’s more is that unused holidays get carried forward for three years. The way it operates is this – you pay a membership fee that gives you the option of holidaying at various resorts (Depending on availability & season) for 25 years. The best part is that the stay at these resorts is free! All you pay is an annual fee and in return you get unbelievable holidays for a long time! Club Mahindra has 440 resorts spread across the country , that help you discover new places, cultures and cuisine.

From the financial perspective, choosing vacation ownership proves to be more advantageous as it is cheaper in comparison to renting a conventional hotel room. At Club Mahindra, your membership fee along with the annual maintenance fee covers the cost of your stay at the resorts for the entire duration of your membership.

Top Notch Services & Amenities

Club Mahindra’s resorts are designed for families. When you are choosing the membership you can select from the various options (a studio, 1 bed room or 2 bed room apartments) depending on the size of your family. Depending on the unit you select, you get a range of facilities ranging from a dry kitchenette, to a sofa-cum-bed, to a spacious balcony All the comforts of your home, along with the added bonus of fantastic services at the resort ensures that you get the best of both worlds. Families love this, as it offers them the space and resources they need, while giving them the comfort and convenience of a standard hotel or resort.


Your holidays –your plans; that’s the way it works at Club Mahindra =. You also have the option of splitting your standard 7 day vacation period so that you can enjoy 2-3 mini vacations. Once you have bought the vacation ownership, you get to choose the holidaying season. Another additional benefit is that you can upgrade your membership and vacation and even gift it to a loved one.

Amazing Moments

A truly memorable vacation is assured with an incredibly diverse set of resorts, from resorts nestled in mountains to those at the beach; To those that evoke the magic and vibrancy of the desert – you can experience it all. What’s truly incredible is that apart from the amazing surroundings that captivate hearts and take your breath away, there’s a plethora of activities to do at the resort itself.

If you really want to relax and have some fun, head to the fun zone. With cutting-edge gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox along with many classics such as Carrom, Table-Tennis (Ping-Pong), there’s never a dull moment on your visit. Bond over some healthy competition as you play your favorite sport outdoors. When was the last time you played cricked with your son; or badminton with your daughter? How about a game of football? Do all that and much more!

That’s not all, if you’re someone who seeks adventure, you can even go rappelling or trekking and enjoy all that nature has to offer. All resorts have a wide variety of workshops and activities for your kids.

CM 3 Play

CM 2 Drawing

And while your children are taken care of you can visit the spa And enjoy the various massages. Our expert masseuses will transport you to a world of peace and tranquility.

Spa at Club Mahindra Resort

This is also the place where you might discover a new passion. With many innovative workshops such as pottery-making or music lessons, by experts, you might find something that truly interests you.

Thus, with so many amazing avenues for entertainment, relaxation and a chance to spend precious moments with your loved ones, vacationing at Club Mahindra’s resorts is truly an incredible experience. The holidays you spend here will give you some unforgettable memories that are bound to last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about membership to Club Mahindra by clicking here.