We all dream of that one amazing destination, don’t we? A place where the surroundings sweep us off our feet, a place where history and culture of yesteryears merge seamlessly with the present; a destination that relieves us of our daily stress from back home and most of all, provides a setting for an amazing vacation that we yearn for. Few places tick all boxes and fewer can provide a level of intimacy that we ever so often seek. One of the rare places where you can experience all of this is Rajasthan.

Historical monuments, an amazing culture, heritage that goes back many centuries all amalgamate effortlessly with modern luxury and comforts. As you explore further, you’ll realize that touring Rajasthan is a unique experience which leaves you spell bound. The best part about Rajasthan is that in the midst of the Great Indian Desert, there’s an incredible variety of destinations that you can visit. From the Capital City and the historically significant city of Jaipur to the architectural splendor of Nawalgarh; the border town of Jaisalmer that was once a trade center to the town of Kumbhalgarh which exudes the exquisite art of the Rajput era that was centered around space and luxury. And not to forget the majestic and imposing city of Udaipur, where royalty and heritage merge.

Visiting Rajasthan:

Being located in West-Central India, Rajasthan is connected through road, rail and air to all of the major Indian cities. That’s good news because you probably want to start making plans to visit this amazing place soon. The dawn of the South-West Monsoon that recedes during the month October also signals the start of winter season in India. This is the perfect time to visit Rajasthan. Even though it’s in the heart of a desert, the weather here isn’t too hot; in fact during the months of December and January it can get pretty chilly here!

Places to Visit:


The Capital and the largest city of Rajasthan is also of the popular tourist sites in the State. The many iconic landmarks include,

  • Amber Fort and Palace
  • Shesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors)
  • Jantar Mantar – Jaipur along with
  • Hawa Mahal – Palace of Wind, Jal Mahal,
  • City Palace of Jaipur and the
  • Birla Mandir Temple (Laxmi Narayan Mandir)

These are an absolute must-visit. And don’t forget to sample the signature Rajasthani cuisine here; it’ll blow your mind!


Udaipur is the place where royalty and heritage converge to form a unique, iconic city. Stop by the City Palace on the banks of the lake and bask in the moonlight at the Jag Mandir. Do visit Bagore ki Haveli and other iconic places such as Monsoon Palace and the observatory.


It seems as it Rajasthan and incredible architecture go hand in hand. Nawalgarh is a real treat because it’s one of those places where the synergy between Rajput and European architecture is truly breathtaking. That’s not all, rolling farms surround the town and the landscaped lawns of many places are a call to enjoy the enchantment of a time gone by.


A fascinating desert destination with lots to explore and plenty to take in, plus movie fans will love this one; the classic movie ‘Border’ was shot here, at the heart of the Thar or The Great Indian Desert. It is an enlightening place that offers much for every traveller. A border town, Jaisalmer is home to the imposing Jaisalmer Fort, a fossil park and many more attractions.

Where to Stay?

The real beauty of Rajasthan is her amazing history, culture and tradition. Hence, to complete this wonderful experience of traveling to this incredible place, it’s apt that you should stay at a place that is steeped in the kind of culture, heritage and even architectural sensibilities that have defined this State’s signature style for eons. Club Mahindra, a vacation ownership company provides just that. The picturesque resorts located in amazing places are true to the Rajasthani style and strive to retain local elements while offering amenities and modern conveniences that we’ve been accustomed to for long.

The best part about Club Mahindra is that with their enticing membership options, you not only get to stay at these resorts, but many others around the country. With memberships lasting 25 years and the prospect of holidaying with your loved ones every year, for two and a half decades, this is one investment you’ll be happy to make!