Diwali is amazing time of the year. It’s the only festival that the entire country celebrates. This year, Diwali starts-off on October 23rd, a Thursday which makes for a really nice long weekend. This is the perfect time for you to relax, unwind and let go of all troubles and spend some time with family. The four day retreat that you can go is bound to be amazing.
What’s more is that Diwali falls right on the cusp of winter. It’s that time of the year when the monsoon starts disappearing and the cool breeze that defined winters is just starting to flow across the land. Hence, visiting a place where you can spend some time quality time with your loved ones is bound to make this holiday really special. The other great thing about visiting a place like this is that you’ll be away from the Diwali fanfare that grips nearly every city in the country. While it’s amazing to see so many people celebrate together, it can get overbearing. Hence, many folks prefer a quiet relaxing holiday. During this time, one of the best places to visit is the Corbett Park in North India.

Corbett Park:
For long, this beautiful, serene National Park has attracted visitors from all over the world. The reasons, plenty to say the least! This is one of the last remaining bastions of true open air wilderness in India. It’s also a fantastic place to visit and explore. Also, because of the way the park is run, wild animals are given their due space and hence, you get an amazing opportunity to catch a glimpse of these animals in their natural element. With so many of nature’s finest creations in close proximity, this truly sets the scene for some magical moments with your loved ones.
Magical Moments at Corbett Park:
You don’t really need a truck full of fire crackers to celebrate Diwali. Staying in the heart of the jungle, you’ll be surrounded by the kind of beauty you rarely experience in the urban landscape. Plush cottages surrounded by trees that have many stories to tell, the sound of a river running through the forest and birds that chirp away during the day, there no place like Corbett Park. Think about breakfast overlooking a river watching elephants and gazelle is something that can only be experienced here. There truly is no place this.

Activities at Corbett Park:
Venture deep into the forest on an open-top jeep and get a never-before seen view of wildlife. From the wild buffaloes, to gazelle that sprint like the wind and if you’re lucky, you might spot some really magnificent beasts that truly capture the magnificence of Mother Nature.
Corbett Resort
Amazing places have their own special charm. Corbett Park has a history that stretches back many decades. This place has been carefully preserved and still retains that old-world charm and transports you to a different era. Even the resorts here, like Club Mahindra’s fabulous retreat carry a unique vibe that transports you to another place. There really is no place like Corbett and if you haven’t visited it yet, this Diwali is the perfect occasion to do so!