As the rains draw to a close, there’s calmness in the air. The rain gods have departed the skies for now and yet, the cool breeze they bring with them remains in the air, the lush green surroundings that were borne out of the rainfall that’s become part of India’s folklore, are present all around us. Traveling during such an amazing time is always a treat.


When it’s time to decide on a holiday destination during such an amazing time, there are quite a few places that can serve as the backdrop for the magical moments that you cherish on your travels. One of the best things about India’s amazing diversity is that there’s a plethora of such destinations. Masinagudi is one of them. Nestled in Tamil Nadu, a State rich in heritage, culture and one that holds many amazing places within her boundaries, Masinagudi offers something unique to every visitor.

Head back to Nature:

Living in big cities, surrounded by technology and being in a race to beat deadlines in every possible juncture sums up the lives of most people. The perfect antidote to the stress induces by all this? Head back into the heart of Mother Nature. It’s truly amazing how much being surrounded by the raw force that we call nature on all sides can rejuvenate us. Masinagudi in located in the Nilgiris; perhaps the last remaining abode of evergreen forests. This bastion of ecological diversity is truly a sight to behold and lie within it many secrets of nature that can only be discovered upon exploring.

Exploring Masinagudi – An Experience of a Lifetime:

Every destination has something unique to offer. When you visit Masinagudi, the first thing you’ll realize is how close you are to each and every aspect of nature. From the trees and grasslands that have seen the seasons change for Centuries, to the shrubs that lie at the foot of these trees silently observing all around them. And that’s not all, the wildlife here is sure to take your breath away. Elephants and gazelle stroll along pathways, deep thoughts in their minds or wary of a silent predator. This is what being close to nature is all about.

If you want to visit a serene destination that is the picture of tranquility, look no further than River Pykara. The river flows through Murkurti, Pykara and Glen Morgan dams, and forms part of an important hydro-electric power project. On your visit here, you may come across well-protected and fenced sholas, Toda settlements, verdant meadows and a variety of flora and fauna.

Tea Gardens seem to be an omnipresent feature of some of the most scenic places in South India; Masinagudi is no different. Sample the signature Nilgiri brew on your visit to the many tea estates and tea factories here.

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