The timeless and undulating appeal of the Western Ghats during the monsoon is what draws innumerable people towards the picturesque towns along India’s western coast. Nestled in the heart of one of the India’s great forests, this region takes on a new avatar during the rains. Just look at the contrast between the region during the summer & during the rains!

The Western Ghats during summer:

Thekkady 4


The Western Ghats during the rains:

Thekkady 3

God’s Own Country:

Rains bring with them something special. The aura of the monsoon brings an optimism and joy that has such a deep connect with us that it’s almost impossible to describe in words. For us though, the rains bring with them a calm and peaceful environment that we need so badly after a hot grueling summer. It’s a chance for us to go out and leave all our worries behind, experience nature and reclaim the magical moments with our loved ones.

One of the best places to experience this is Thekkady in Kerala. Unlike other tourist destinations, Thekkady is different. It transports you to a special place and the beauty of the surroundings alienates all the stress you’ve picked up in your daily routine. It’s truly a place filled with wonderment and awe amongst undulating hills and spice scented plantations.

Thekkady 1

Sights and Sounds:

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is one of the most fascinating wildlife reserves left. The total area of the reserve is 777 sq. kilometres, of which 360 sq. kilometres is thick evergreen forest. The best thing about this reserve is that you can get real close to the wildlife and observe them at close quarters. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is sure to leave a mark on you.

Because there are so many wonderful things all around you, it doesn’t really make sense to leave these picturesque surroundings. As a result, the places you want to stay at are the ones that capture the vibe of this exquisite location. Resorts which exude the history and culture of Kerala, which have colorful umbrellas all over the house, lush greenery all around that greets you, the reflections of the coconut trees in the paddy fields, and most importantly, built with traditional machan style, are the best places to stay.

Thekkady 2

Magical Moments:

No journey is complete without experiencing the unique facets of a locality. When you’re on a holiday here in Thekkady, you must take a boat ride in Lake Periyar which is smack in the middle of the wildlife reserve. Seeing the colourful flora & fauna up close will leave you mesmerized; and if you’re lucky you might spot elephants playing along the shore of the lake.  You can’t afford to miss the famous elephant rides which provide you with the best view to check out the amazing wilderness around you.

There are a number of places in Kerala you should check out if you have the time – Chellarkovil, a hamlet with a view to die for and an incredible waterfall, Vandiperiyar, where you can check out some of Kerala’s best tea plantations and Idukki Dam, the only Arch Dam in India.