For many people, a vacation is a time to unwind, relax and have a great time. The idea of going to a distant place amidst nature’s beauty and soaking in the atmosphere appeals to many people. For most people, the effort of going to a comfortable place is well worth it. Like the old adage says, the journey is sometimes as beautiful as the destination. The journey of a couple from Mumbai to Coorg through the Western Ghats was the perfect way to start a holiday. When they reached Coorg, they chose one of the best properties in the erstwhile British-Raj’s retreat town – Club Mahindra Coorg. Being amidst the greenery of nature, hearing the birds chirp, they experienced something they’d never envisaged.

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Being in an environment that offers peace, quiet and relaxed the body and soul is exactly what many urban professionals seek during the vacations. With work taking up your energy for months at a time, you need time for yourself. As a way to unwind, an increasing number of people have started going on vacations and, planning them well in advance. If your heart is set on your dream holiday and you plan it judiciously, it’ll be nothing short of incredible. A common feedback received by Club Mahindra staff is of members loving the idea of going to a place that offers peace and tranquility that de-stresses them. During a stay at a resort like the Kodagu valley resort at Coorg, many are mesmerized by the beauty of the surroundings, the luxurious appointments of the resort and most of all the amazing service by the staff.

Family Time:

Traveling with your family is one of the most special moments in life. It embodies the memorable, joyous, inspiring and unfathomable moments of life that you’re going to cherish forever. Each trip will serve to strengthen your family bonds and make the world much more beautiful, fun and generous than you could’ve ever envisioned from the confines of your house, workplace or computer.

Club Mahindra - Family Time

Family vacations are that time when everyone gets together and have a great time. At Club Mahindra, reviews from parents, kids, in-laws and other relatives connecting and feel right at home affirm this. Right from the moment you set foot in the resort, the warm welcome you receive paves the way for a wonderful holiday. With activities catering to everyone, these resorts are the perfect place for generations of family members to vacation together.

The Experience:

What would a holiday be without some magical experiences? Spending time with your loved one? Or perhaps doing things you’ve never done before? The new experiences you gain, the new things you see and do are all going to stay with you forever and will be those magical moments that you cherish. That’s what most people seem to like the most. When you decide to go on a vacation and spend time with your family, you’re forging the bonds of love, friendship that will stay with you forever. The magical moments, the unforgettable rush of going to a picturesque location; that’s what a holiday is all about. And when you have someone to take care of you, ensure everything’s right, it can’t not be awesome!