Having a Holiday home is a luxury. What’s even better is when you can choose from a huge list of holiday homes across the country, equipped with all the amenities you could possibly want, in all of the choicest locations.

With a Club Mahindra Membership, you get a choice of holiday homes across the country, at a time that suits you, and in an apartment that works for you, your family or your holiday group. Year after year. What’s more, all this at a fraction of what it would cost you if you went and booked a holiday in resorts of this sort, without a membership plan.

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Club Mahindra, with years of experience in the holidays and vacation industry know exactly what people are looking for. They have an array of membership plans that can cater to every possible requirement. You can pick and choose and even upgrade or change your plan if you want to. With 12 different types of membership plans to choose from, you just can’t go wrong. It’s an investment that will provide you with years of delightful hassle-free vacations and happy memories.

Club Mahindra has over 40 world-class, quality resorts, with all the amenities that you would possibly want. Great restaurants serving up local as well as a range of cuisines, various entertainment avenues, clubs for kids, gaming areas and spas make your holiday a truly memorable one. Club Mahindra resorts are situated in almost all the most popular tourist destinations and sometimes, it can be tough deciding between going out sight-seeing or just relaxing in the luxurious resorts.

Club Mahindra resorts have three different types of holiday homes on offer – Studio apartments and, 1 Bed room or 2 Bedroom Apartments for you to choose from.

There are 4 membership options available depending upon the time of the year you’d like to vacation – Purple, Red, Blue and White. If you want the option of holidaying throughout the year, but would prefer the holiday season, then Purple is the season for you. Families normally travelling during the school holidays would be great fit for Red. People who can take time off in sometime after the peak season and would like to avoid most of the vacationing tourists would be best served with White. And those who want the peace and quiet and would only travel during times when the destinations are not packed with tourists, then there is the Blue season.

If you do want to go on holiday at a time that is out of your membership plan, Club Mahindra offers you that flexibility as well for a small fee for that booking. There are options to upgrade or change your Membership plan if you desire so. To find out more about Club Mahindra Membership Plans and the Club Mahindra Membership Fees, click here.

Go on, get yourself a Club Mahindra Membership and relax. Let Club Mahindra do the rest for you.