Club Mahindra understands the inherent desire of its members to enrich holiday experiences of their dream destinations. The option of exchanging holidays gives its members the flexibility and convenience to plan their family vacations. There are four easy steps to exchange holidays as suggested below:

  • Deposit the week(s) you wish to exchange.

The trading of the week depends on when it was deposited and how much time is left to the week. For example, the week that is set for exchange two years prior, will receive higher trading benefits as compared to the one which is set just 14 days before it commences. Depositing the week(s) you need to exchange, is just a call away. You need to call up the RCI Member Helpline at + 9180-4189100/66915555 and 1800 419 2131.

  • Decide the preferences for your holiday

Decide the time and the preferred location for your holiday. Being flexible is the key to get a good deal when it comes to holiday exchanges. Try out more options – dates and locations to get an early confirmation.

  • Request your exchange

While requesting for exchange of holidays, kindly keep the RCI membership ID number, details of the week you wish to deposit or already have deposited , selection of dates  and credit card details handy so as to have a smooth and glitch- free exchange process.

  • Receive Confirmation

Once the exchange bookings is done, written confirmations are sent out to the recipient. The confirmation provides all the required information regarding the resort, check-in timings, how to reach the resort, accommodation and area details. In case of credit card payments, the process of confirmation is faster.