Club Mahindra – Members Holiday Experience

Club Mahindra Members

Hi Club Mahindra,

I would like to congratulate you on the choice of properties —- so scenic.

Right from the time we enter in Club Mahindra –there is warmth and comfort portico to the reception to the room. The rooms well designed, keeping in mind every little requirement when we planned a week long holiday in a single place. I was anticipating boredom, but no way, Club Mahindra entertained us to the fullest. My kids, animal lovers, yet they did not wish to leave the resort and visit the Dubare Elephant Camp “surprised”.

Thanks Club Mahindra. Keeps it Rocking! Bringing smiles to plenty.

Three Cheers To The Entire Club Mahindra Facility. HIP, HIP, Hurray!

Shabbir Imani with Family at Club Mahindra Resort.