Club Mahindra Holiday package

What a flash: He feels young playing the game

He wakes up at 4.30 am sharp, has a quick cuppa and takes off on his ‘mission’ in his Maruti car. He begins with visiting his neighbours in Hari Nagar, and then proceeds to catch newspaper vendors in Rajouri Garden, Raja Garden, Ramesh Nagar and Moti Nagar before hitting home for his brunch. For Sexagenarian P K Malhotra, collecting copies of The Times of India to play the Family Flash has turned into an ultimate mission.

A retired executive engineer with the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Malhotra claims to have a penchant for the game and an obsession to win every time. “When TOI advertised this game of Family Flash, I was very excited. I was determined to play and win every game,” says Malhotra who came to the Times House with his incredible collection of 12 Trails and 30 Sequences. He claims to be doing it all for fun.

Malhotra taps his huge network of friends and relatives across the city everyday besides scouring the city roads for vendors. In the process, he has managed to convince whole lot of people to play along with him. “Since I always have 20-25 TOI copies with me, I give the desired cards to my friends and relatives. Sometimes even strangers approach me for cards and I give it to them,” gushes the enthusiastic engineer.

Malhotra has participated along with his wife at the two live game shows held at Hotel Crowne Plaza Surya. He struck gold even there and won a Club Mahindra Holiday package. One is forced to wonder what goads this man to this unique mission. “My wife and children laugh at my obsession. Believe me, I don’t just play for the prizes, we’re all well settled in life…Playing this game just makes me feel young,” says Malhotra. He goes on to add that his ultimate objective was to bring his entire family to play this game with TOI which incidentally he has achieved as his family will join him at the game.