Club Mahindra – Escape in Goa

The Great Mahindra and Mahindra escape in Goa

PANAJI: Heavy rains over the past days with heavy overnight rain Friday provided the perfect backdrop for the kicks and fun for adventure lovers who participated in the Mahindra and Mahindra Great escape in Goa on Saturday.

The participants went through all the trapping of high adventure and rally driving though without the rigours of tough competition.

A record of 131 vehicles participated this time, which is the seventh edition of the event in Goa. First-timers and those accustomed to driving only on tarmac found driving in much an altogether different proposition.

The rains rendered many a stretch on the 80 km course a virtual glue pot. A particular water logged stretch under a narrow railway bridge at Cuncolim had all gasping. The heavy slush on the approach uphill road called for some precision driving.

Driving skill was put to test as vehicles got bogged down while negotiating a riverbed. The Mahindra service team came to the help of those who got stuck in the muck and were winched out, according to a press release. 

The event was co-sponsored by J K Tyres, Mico Bosch, Idemitsu, Savita Chemicals and Club Mahindra holiday resort, Varca, Goa.