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Enjoy Birdwatching and More at Binsar

Famed among the few scenic places to visit in Northern India, Binsar has truly been a nature lover’s paradise for ages. With a wildlife sanctuary as one of its major tourist hotspots, it wouldn’t be surprising to say that most people venture on a holiday out here to bask in the tranquillity as they become one with nature.

Clubbing holidays with a wildlife experience has greatly increased the number of people planning their vacations around wildlife. Binsar is one such place to head to if you wish to wake up every morning with the call of the wild and spend your days witnessing fauna in their natural habitats.

With Club Mahindra offering their guests a luxurious stay at two of their enthralling resorts that are nestled in the glorious locale of Binsar, getting the perfect wildlife adventure while on your vacation is easier than ever. From jungle safaris to a view of the lush greenery and exquisiteness that you can witness throughout your stay here, holidaying in Binsar while enjoying the company of nature has never been this fun.

For birdwatchers, spending their holidays in Binsar is sure to be blissful with the chance to wake up to birds chirping every morning and getting to see a varied species of birds everywhere you go.

Club Mahindra’s Binsar Valley– nestled atop the Kumaon hills, offers a comfortable stay to its guests. Along with well-furnished rooms to suit their preferences, you can also enjoy access to Wi-Fi, fun zone, souvenir shops, lounge, bar, and restaurants that serve food to treat your taste buds. Popular as bird watching paradise, Bird Song restaurant lets you relish lip-smacking delicacies to your heart’s content.

Another resort by Club Mahindra, Binsar Villa offers tranquillity and serenity that lets you make the most of your time here. With pine trees surrounding the resort, you are bound to see a number of birds settled atop the trees, making it the perfect haven for you. The elegantly furnished rooms, with many amenities and the Silver Oak restaurant are sure to make your stay all the more pleasant.

Along with a comfortable stay at the resort, you can also enjoy a scenic trail at the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Binsar Hill, and Chaukori. You can also indulge in adventure activities, trekking, nature walks, and outdoor and indoor games with your families at the resort. By checking out the Club Mahindra membership details on the website, you can make the most of your next vacation at Binsar to explore what Mother Nature has in store for you.

Boat Racing and Kerala

The land of backwaters, Kerala has been known to be the home for various water sports. Boat races are one of the most popular water sports here. Amidst the backwaters dotted by swaying palm trees, the massive boats are rowed by hundreds of people. The boat races are organised by a number of religious and social organisations. The boat races held in Kerala are also the largest team sports in the world. People from different districts participate in the races which are held annually. Visit Kerala during the festive season such as Onam to enjoy the grand races. The races take places at different places in the state.

Every boat race has its own story of inception along with mythology and various tales. If you go by the historical sources, these races were held to settle disputes between chiefs and kings. The snake boat races date back to four hundred years and were used as a means to fight wars by Kuttanadu Kings. The races are titles as Snake Boat Races owing to the atypical canoe shape of the boat.

Here are some of the most popular boat races in Kerala:

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

This race is held in the memory of former Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Number of tourists and locals visit the Punnamada Lake in Alleppey to view the race. It takes place in the second week of August. This year it will be held on 13th August.

Champakkulam Moolam Boat Race

This race marks the religious day when the idol of Krishna was mounted in the Krishna temple in the Ambalapuzzha region. Before the onset of the race, group of artists perform in colourful boats in honour of Lord Krishna. Champakkulam is one of the oldest Boat Races in Kerala. This year, the race was held at the Champakkulam Lake on 20th June, 2016.

Aranmula Vallamkali Boat Race

The race is held during the Onam festival with around 26 boats which grace the waters. The boats are decorated beautifully in silk cloths to mark the occasion. Tourists from within the country as well as outside come to witness the races. The race is will be held at the Pampa River on 18th September, 2016.

While you enjoy the boat races, staying at the Club Mahindra Resort is the best choice you can make. The Club Mahindra Group has a number of resorts spread across in Kerala in the most stunning locations. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the resorts will indeed make your stay a comforting one. To know about the comforts these place has to offer, scour through the numerous Club Mahindra reviews and believe it for yourself. We are pretty sure that you will be surprised by the experiences of the tourists who stayed here.

Plan A Mini-Vacation This Independence Day

Planning for long holidays but not finding the right time? It’s okay, you can always plan a small one to recharge your spirits. As far as you are stepping out of home, even if it’s for a short while, it can be celebrated as a vacation. You don’t need to travel long miles to go on a break, the destination can be close by or even one of those which is just a couple of hours away. So before it’s independence day and you end up going anywhere, here are a few places that you can head to for that mini-vacation. With Club Mahindra Resorts, you have the option of going anywhere across the country or even outside it.


This little hill station is sure to offer you that much needed break. All the rooms are well-appointed and promise stunning mountain views. Walk around the property to breathe in the fresh air or head to the open air restaurant to feast on some delicious food. You can also go on a short hike and explore the mountain trails. Enjoy an invigorating cup of coffee and soak in all the peace that exists here.


There is nothing better than the beaches and pleasant breeze to feed your soul. Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort is beautifully designed in Goan architecture. Every room is equipped with all the modern amenities and beautiful views. Revitalise your senses at the Svaastha spa or laze by the poolside; there is plenty of leisure choices in the store for you. The adventure enthusiasts can enjoy lots of water sports at any of the beaches here. You can check the numerous Club Mahindra reviews to know about the beauty of this place.


Spread over 8 acres of forest, Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar is offers a perfect retreat to its guests. The rooms are tastefully done to provide you with all the comforts. Titillate your taste buds at ‘Saddle Back’ which overlooks the gorgeous valley. Choose over a-la-carte or buffet and relish on the dishes made from local produce. Rejuvenated your senses at the spa or take a dip in the pool with Jacuzzi. Don’t forget to go strawberry plucking at the Mapro Farms.


Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is designed in Rajputana architecture. The rooms will transport you back to an era of royalty. Enjoy a meal at the Gazebo which is an open-air restaurant. Head to the Kumbhalgarh Fort which is a World Heritage Site which is historically inspiring. Go trekking or take a Jungle Safari to the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.  Come back to the resort and rejuvenate your senses at the spa or by taking a dip into the lavish pool.

Things To Explore In Dehradun

If you are looking for a tranquil escape from the noisy streets of Delhi, Dehradun is your place to go to. Nestled in the pristine Doon Valley, this stunning town is bordered by the holy rivers of Ganga and Yamuna. Besides admiring the natural beauty of this place, you will love this little town for its pleasant climate. As it is a part of the Princely Garhwal State, you are more likely to find Garhwali culture among the locals here. So on your vacation to Dehradun, here is everything that should be on your list of must-see places:


The name Sahastradhara means Thousand Fold Spring, if you have any kind of pain in your body or wish to relieve stress, this cold water sulphur spring will rejuvenate you. Many people come here to cure various skin and other body ailments. You can also wander through the caves and beautiful waterfalls here.

Robber’s Cave

Watch the disappearing streams of water which begin again after a few yards. Referred to as Gucchupani by the locals, it is separated into two main parts. The highest fall is 10 metres long.  Now maintained by the Uttarakhand Tourism Department, this place was once used by the robbers during the British Rule in India.

Tapkeshwar Temple


This is one of the oldest temples in Uttarakhand which is situated on the banks of the Nandi River. A heavenly sight for the devotees, this place is a pilgrimage site for many. The idol of the Lord Shiva is symbolised by naturally falling water. This temple is thronged with pilgrims especially during the Navratri festival.

Rajaji National Park

One of the major wildlife reserves in North India, this park displays the Shivalik Ecosystem. Take an elephant ride either in the morning or in the evening and spot a variety of mammals and birds. Witness the beautiful flora and fauna and have a peaceful experience amidst the natural forests.

While you are exploring this serene hill station, don’t forget to stay either at Club Mahindra Kanatal Resort or Club Mahindra Mussoorie Resort, where you can take retreat along with breath-taking views. With stunning views of the Himalayas, have an enjoyable experience at the Resort. By paying a nominal Club Mahindra membership fees, you can enjoy all the luxuries such as spa, restaurant, gym, library and much more at the resorts.

Enjoy the Grand Onam Kerala style

Celebrating the season of harvest is something that is widely seen in a country like India where agriculture is one of the prime occupations. With Onam being celebrated in Kerala on a grand scale, Club Mahindra gives you an opportunity to enhance its awesomeness by celebrating it at the Kerala resort.

To make the best of Onam in Keralan style, here are some few amazing offerings that will make celebration fun and awesome for you. While you are busy celebrating this festival of harvest, here are a few resorts you can head to in order to make the most of your time:



Fondly called ‘the Venice of the East’, Alleppey is a popular tourist destination in the state of Kerala. Being a city, one is very rarely deprived of things one usually has to forego while vacationing. Since it isn’t cut-off from crowds and urban living like other places out here, Alleppey is a widely chosen destination among most people. The Club Mahindra resort here is another reason to head here to celebrate Onam this year.



The Club Mahindra resort in Cherai gives you the perfect opportunity to spend Onam here the traditional way, while being able to bask along the sandy beaches with your family and friends. The serenity felt here is surely enough to lure tourists here, no matter what the occasion.


Thekkady 2

Nestled close to the famous Periyar National Park is Thekkady, a destination that allows you to have an ideal holiday if you are a wildlife enthusiast. Club Mahindra Thekkady lets you make the most your stay with a wonderful spa to rejuvenate you, gym to keep fit even while on vacation, and an opportunity to spend fun moments with your friends on a bonfire evening.



The beautiful town of Poovar has a number of tourist attractions that offer tranquillity and peace, letting you unwind on your vacation. And what better time to head to Poovar than the occasion of celebrating Onam in the very heart of Kerala. With a beautiful history and picturesque places to witness, spending Onam here at Club Mahindra Poovar will give you the perfect combination of fun and joy this harvest season.

You can also look up Club Mahindra membership fees to turn your dream holiday into reality at Club Mahindra.

Hill Stations to Explore In the North

North India – the province that beholds some of the amazing destinations in the country, should be on every vacationer mind. From the undulating valleys draped in green to the vast expanse of lands that house a few of the world-famous sanctuaries, from the cities that are a priority on every shopper’s checklist to the mountain tops that are a home to a few finest cultures, North India is nothing short of a paradise.

While taking a break from the regular is said to be the common reason to vacation, a journey is said to give a hundred experiences. Every journey is said to be unique, and the one you take to North India will surely leave you with some amazing memories that will titillate your heart for the rest of life.

It is not just one destination, there are many places to visit. To make your stay at these amazing destinations utterly worth-while, Club Mahindra has some of the finest resorts established here.

Here is a list of some of the best hill-stations in the north where you can enjoy a comfortable stay at Club Mahindra:


Staying at Club Mahindra Manali can give you the perfect opportunity to visit all the tourist attractions that make the place as charming as it is. From the spectacular Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass to Rahala Falls and hot water springs, you can make the most of your stay here with every provision made to make your stay comfortable.


Club Mahindra Binsar Valley

Ensconced in the Kumaon Himalayan peaks, Binsar Valley offers a magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges along with a glimpse into the beauty of nature. One can explore the town and also visit the wildlife sanctuary out here that makes up this hill-station.


Club Mahindra Mussoorie Resort, Uttrakhand

Nestled in the beautiful district of Dehradun, Mussoorie is a hill-station that hardly needs any introduction. From Gun Hill to the wonderfully constructed Jama Masjid, you can explore all that Mussoorie holds on your stay in Club Mahindra Mussoorie.

So check out the reviews on the website and take a look at the Club Mahindra membership fee details to make your vacation worthwhile.

Spotting the Lions – Gir National Park

Saddled with the pressure and responsibilities of modern life, we often forget that there is more to this world than the grey concrete jungles and monthly paychecks. Nature is resplendent with ample of beauty and variety that will help you understand the purpose of life better, thereby bringing harmony in your life. It is essential to return to the natural settings every once in a while to keep oneself humble and grounded. Among these natural settings, you are sure to find a lot of interesting wild flora and fauna. To further observe and admire such exotic animals in their natural habitat from close quarters, you should definitely plan a trip to the Gir National Park in Gujarat. These are some of the wonderful animals you may come across on one of your safari trips through the jungles of Gir:

Asiatic Lion

There was a time when this magnificent creature roamed freely in the forests of North Africa, Northern Greece and Southwest Asia. Poaching activities led to it being an endangered species. But courtesy to the forest officers of the Gir National Park for implementation of several programmes to save the lions. Due to such programmes, it has now become possible to spot these ferocious creatures easily in this forest. You can now admire the majesty of this beautiful creature from a safe distance in the national park, and click their amazing pictures in their very own habitat.

Four-Horned Antelope

Also known as the chousingha, this creature will surprise you with its timid grace and swiftness. It’s quite easy to spot an antelope here. However, very few have the skill to photograph an antelope in action. So check your photography skills trying the same.

Indian Leopard

One of the five big cats found in the Indian subcontinent, this wild beast can grow to a length of nearly 5 feet. Though identical to Cheetah, only an animal lover will be able to spot the difference between the two.


Ever heard of a mammal with hard keratin scales? No, then you should definitely come to Gir to see the pangolin. Interestingly, the name of this endangered species comes from the Malay word “pengguling”, which translates to ‘something that rolls up’.

Pygmy Woodpecker

You are sure to have an ‘aww’ moment when you see this incredibly tiny species of woodpecker that is distinguished by its spotted white tail and pink rimmed white irises.

After a day well-spent in the wild, you will surely want to retreat back to a cozy setting that will help you relax and unwind. Surprisingly, there is Club Mahindra Resort in Gir that will offer you the desired kind of accommodation and comfort to make your jungle safari truly memorable. Numerous Club Mahindra Reviews will give you a clear picture about the kind of services they offer. With in-house restaurants to serve delicious cuisines, recreational activities to keep yourself entertained, and warm hospitality of the staff, Club Mahindra will make your jungle safari to Gir special.

Local Delicacies You Must Try Out In Shimla

Have you wondered about a holiday destination for almost everyone in India? Then think about Shimla, an ideal hill station that is a lot more than snow and hail. You may have certainly, at one point of time, wished to head to Shimla to experience plying in the snow, or trudging down snowy lanes to see how it felt to live in a place like that. This is exactly the reason for most people visiting this town in the first place.

With time, however, people have begun to realise that there is a lot more to see and experience here. Apart from the snow-capped mountains and panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges, one thing most can’t get enough of would be the local delicacies served here. It is hardly even necessary to take a wild guess to know that the cuisine one can treat your taste buds with in Shimla is the reason why most foodies keep back returning here, again and again.

To make it even more exciting, the Club Mahindra resorts in Mashobra and Kandaghat give you the perfect opportunity to stay in the lap of luxury while allowing you to satiate your food cravings with the best of Shimla’s local delicacies. Being close to the city of Shimla, you can have it all, whether it is accommodation, meals, or sightseeing opportunities. To give you a gist of what you can look forward to, here are a few delicacies that you can dig into in any of these resorts which will surely titillate your palate.


Made with flour, siddus are quite famously served during winters in Shimla. The delicious filling inside the flour could be made with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients, varying from preference to preference. The steamed dish is quite a delicacy among the locals here.

Chicken Anardana:

A fascinating way to cook chicken, the dish is made with ingredients such as nutmeg, walnuts, pomegranates, and cinnamon, giving it a unique flavouring. For those with a penchant for non-vegetarian dishes, this is a must-try.

Boor ki Kari:

A sweet dish made with rice that is a delight to relish after a wonderful meal. Served as a local dessert after meals, Boor ki Kari should undoubtedly be on your list of things to savour while in Shimla.

You can have all this and more at the Club Mahindra resort. So simply check the Club Mahindra membership fees to book a vacation at this amazing place today.

Five Fun Things to do with Kids at Club Mahindra

Holidays are the time when you can relax, unwind, and leave the shackles of everyday life. It is the time when your kids are relieved of their academic work, and there are no worries of homework, time-tables, and other activities. You as a child must have enjoyed vacations and all the free time it brings along. So why not utilize this vacation in the best way by taking your children out to a destination that is packed with loads of fun-filled activities?

Club Mahindra understands the importance of vacation and has established numerous resorts at enchanting spots all over India and abroad. They offer a comfortable and luxurious stay for members along with the provision of recreational activities to spend a wonderful time with your family. Here are five of the most enjoyed activities which you can engage in, along with your kids, during your stay at Club Mahindra resorts:



Whether your kids are fans of cricket, or simply love to play board games, there are a variety of both indoor and outdoor games to explore here. Carom, chess, football, cricket, and badminton are just a few among the many games offered by Club Mahindra for your kids to enjoy.



Biking along with your kids provides a different experience altogether that makes you feel young and excited all over again. With sprawling acres of land around the resort, kids can ride their bikes along the paths paved amidst the lawn. What’s more? You can make the bike riding experience fun by engaging in a friendly cycling race with your little one here.

Fun Zone:


For those kids who are creative and full of zest to learn new things, Club Mahindra offers arts and craft activities in the fun zone set up for kids in the resorts. The puppet making class and glass painting sessions are an absolute hit with kids vacationing with Club Mahindra.

Nature walk and treks:


Not all kids love to hit the playgrounds. If your child is an explorer, then teach him to appreciate the beauty of nature by taking nature walks around lush green spreads in the resort. Nowadays, kids are quite inquisitive, so they will surely enjoy learning about the place and its wonderful offerings,

Wildlife Sanctuary tours:


Every kid’s book has pictures of animals to help them learn the names of each. What better way to teach them about wild animals than by taking them on a tour to wildlife sanctuaries located around few of the Club Mahindra resorts?

You can look forward to an exciting holiday with your kids at any of our resorts by going through reviews and enquiring about Club Mahindra membership fees for your next family vacation.

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